Our mission is Caring, Sharing, Reaching Out and Celebrating Faith

Lyons Memorial United Church is an active church and we strive to live into our Mission Statement of “Caring, Sharing, Reaching Out and Celebrating Faith.” We are a community of faith which is part of the United Church of Canada, a church with a rich, progressive history. At Lyons Memorial, our worship of God and celebration of Jesus Christ are central to the programs that we offer.

Celebrating Faith

 Each Sunday, we gather to listen to scripture, worship God in God’s many forms, celebrate our salvation in Jesus Christ and be nurtured and encouraged in our faith by the Spirit.

 When you come to worship with us on a Sunday morning, you will be greeted at the door with a welcoming smile. Our greeters are there to ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease and they are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to ask. Relax and sit wherever you would like to.

People will likely be chatting with one another before the service starts and the organ will be playing in the background. When our minister says, “Good morning,” and welcomes us to worship, the service begins. The service will usually last about 45 minutes, but it may run a bit longer – up to an hour.

It is very easy to follow the service and the minister leads us through it. Sometimes she alone prays aloud and sometimes the prayers are responsive or in unison. These will be displayed on the TV screen at the front of the church. The words to the hymns are also on the screen.

There will be reading(s) from the Bible and the minister will offer a reflection. On occasion, the sacrament of Holy Communion will be part of the service.   

We do not pass a collection plate around the pews at Lyons Memorial, however there is a plate at the front and at the back of the sanctuary if you would like to make an offering.

Caring, Sharing and Reaching Out

Lyons Memorial supports people in our local community and also in the wider world. In different ways, we endeavour to love our neighbour as Jesus would have us do.

Food Cupboard

Read more about this amazing program.

Lyons Memorial stocks a food cupboard with non-perishable food for folks who find they need help to put food on the table. No application is required and the Food Cupboard is open every Thursday from 12 noon to 3:00 PM.

Good Food Box Program

Read more about this amazing program.

Lyons Memorial serves as a drop-off/pick up centre for the Good Food Box program which is a non-profit community initiative helping people in need of assistance to have fresh produce to eat. Each box includes a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices.

Rummage Sales

Lyons Memorial is well-known for rummage sales. We receive so many donations that we need to hold at least three sales each year. Proceeds from the sales go towards funding other outreach programs that Lyons Memorial supports.

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